202 Stainless steel bar

202 stainless steel is one of the 200 series stainless steel, the national standard model is 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N.
202 stainless steel is widely used in building decoration, municipal engineering, highway guardrail, hotel facilities, shopping malls, glass handrails, public facilities and other places.
202 Stainless steel bar Price in China ,Manufacturer of 202 Stainless Steel bar
200 series stainless steel belongs to low nickel and high manganese stainless steel, nickel content, manganese content of about 8%, is a section of nickel stainless steel.

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This is the most cost effective grade of steel. So the 202 Stainless Steel round bar Price is lower compared to other grades of stainless steels and all metallic products in general. There are different versions of the material with low carbon and high carbon content. The low carbon version, 202 square bars are very good for welding applications as they have less carbide precipitation and less localized corrosion.

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Equivalent Material of 202 Stainless Steel Round Bar

GradeEuronormChina GBJapanese JIS

Standard Specification Of 202 Stainless Steel Round Bar

DiameterCold Rolled Bright 3-25.4mm; Hot Rolled Black Bar 20-100mm
Length4-9meter / piece
SurfaceCR: bright bar; HR: annealed
FinishHot rolled round bar (HR), Cold rolled round bar (CR)
FormRound Bar
DiameterCold Rolled Bright 3-25.4mm; Hot Rolled Black Bar 20-100mm

Composition Content Of 202 Stainless Steel Round Bar


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